Author Topic: Funniest AH moment stories  (Read 891 times)

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Re: Funniest AH moment stories
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Re: Funniest AH moment stories
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LOL just last night I was dealing with 2 mustangs with a dunce loitering. I killed one of the ponies and was on the other when I hear a boom. I register another kill. Seems the duece had dove on me and misjudged his speed right into the ground. Good thing as I did not realize he was that close. He must have been moving when he went by me. GV fellas were howling.
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Re: Funniest AH moment stories
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Dolby.  That has to be one of the best kills I have seen in game!  I literally laughed out loud! 

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Re: Funniest AH moment stories
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‘There are so many to choose from, and by their very nature you had to have been there for most of them to be truly funny, but a few of my favorites:

- FBCrabby stating on country channel after bailing out over an enemy airfield that he was going to shoot the next pilot to take off in the head.  He walked over to the runway, and seconds later somebody spawned, and boom, he shot them right in the head, killing like a Spitfire or whatever it was with his pistol!  Since there were no planes nearby, I have always wondered if the guy that got hit ever knew what hit him.’

I remember Crabby doing that! I wonder if he figured out how to do it and was able to repeat it or if we were there at the same time. Our BBS join dates are close together, maybe it was the same time...and I also recall it being a Spitfire!

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