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By the time of the Second Battle of El Alamein the Allied Desert Air Force had grown to 29 squadrons. Its main role was to provide tactical air support to General Montgomerys British 8th Army. Although under RAF command it comprised squadrons and personnel not only from Britain but also South Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States and other Allied nations. Under the command of Air Vice Marshal Arthur Conigham it would play an instrumental role in the offensive against Field Marshal Rommels Afrika Korps.

Supporting the Afrika Korps on the Axis side was Fliegerfuhrer Afrika (including the Italian 5th Air Fleet) under the command of Generalmajor Stefan Fröhlich. It containd many veteren Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica formations and although outnumbered they would prove formidable opposition to the Desert Air Force and the 8th Army.

The offensive opened on 23rd October 1942 and would continue to 11th November 1942. After heavy fighting the 8th Army broke through. Axis forces in North Africa were eventually driven west to Tunisia and ultimately defeated in May 1943.

More info:

Frame 1 May 3
Frame 2 May 10
Frame 3 May 17
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