Author Topic: Thursday May 9th TTT: Base Capture Bonanza  (Read 60 times)

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Thursday May 9th TTT: Base Capture Bonanza
« on: May 05, 2019, 08:20:26 PM »
Thursday Team Tournament : Base Captuture Bonanza SEA 2
May 9th 9PM EST/8 PM CST

CM Host : AKKuya

Welcome!!!! Please read entire message.  All the info
will be there.

Please switch to country Bishop and report to A64
tower (sector 9, 11).

Aircraft - C-47 with 10 X troops
Vox : 150

Race Setup:
Players will fly C-47s with troops to capture enemy
bases already prepped (all guns will be destroyed and
town set with white flag plus all country strat ack at
.001).  Players will start at same airfield in center
of map and take off with text command Go!!!!.   

This is an unlimited life event.  All Airfields will have
C-47s enabled with troops.  Once an airfield is captured,
players can choose to land at a friendly base for rearm or
bail and grab a fresh C-47 with troops from the nearest
friendly base to the front line. 

Port = 50 points (CV bonus of 25 points)
Vehicle Base = 50 points
Small Airfield = 100 points
Medium Airfield =150 points
Large Airfield = 300 points
Rearm Bonus - 500 points (mininum 20 minutes between launch
and rearm and each succeeding rearm)

Capture Map Room Requirement:
Players will air drop one individual paratrooper over
Port, Vehicle Base or Airfield Town for capture.

Players who arrive after Fields Closed or can no longer
fly the event can watch from CM Eye View. Go to clipboard,
click Options, click Controls, click Map Keys, click View
Select CM Eye Move Forward to highlight, click F7 and click
Set Key.  In Tower, click F5 for outside tower view, click
F7 to activate CM Eye Move Forward. Use throttle control for
speed and joystick to move left, right, up, and down.

Arena Settings:
Mesaview terrain
Town Capture 1%
Enable Tower Gods Eye
Full Radar
Fuel Burn 1.0
Country Strat Ack .001
Fields Open for entire event
T + 90 minutes event is over.  Logs will be closed
and arena rebooted. Anyone still in arena will be
ejected including CM.

In order to balance the unlimited lives change, I placed a Rearm Bonus of 500 pts.  Players can choose to land and rearm taking several minutes or just simply bailing and getting a fresh C-47.  There must be a minimum of 20 minutes before launch and rearm and each succeeding rearm.  As players capture fields from originating start airfield, the friendly bases will grow outward and players that bail can up from closest friendly base to front line.  All airfields will have C-47s enabled.
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