Author Topic: Thursday May 16th TTT: Total Annihilation Event  (Read 70 times)

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Thursday May 16th TTT: Total Annihilation Event
« on: May 10, 2019, 06:02:47 PM »
Thursday Team Tournament : Total Annihilation SEA 2
Thursday May 16th 9PM EST/8 PM CST

CM Host : AKKuya

Welcome!!!! Please read entire message.  All the info
will be there.

Please switch to country Bishop and report to C20
tower, off shore from A33 (8,10 kp 6). 

Aircraft - Ju-87D-3
Advised Fuel - 25%
Advised Bombload - 1 x 1000 kg (2000 lbs.) and 2 X 250
kg bombs (500 lbs.)

Vox: 150

Race Setup:
Players will fly the same bomber aircaft in destroying
the most valid target objects. Players will launch from
same airfield with text command Go!!!! 

This is an unlimited life event.  Players can choose to
bomb and bail or rearm on CV.  Rearm bonus of 100 pts
with a span of 10 minutes or more.
Valid Targets:
A33 and Town (8,10 kp 6) Large Airfield

Town building = 1 point
Gun = 5 points
Radar = 50 points
Ammo Bunker = 100 points
Fuel Tank = 100 points
Troop Barrak = 100 points
Vehicle Hangar = 500 points
Fighter Hangar = 500 points
Bomber Hangar = 500 points

Object Hardness:
Hangar - 5000 lbs.
Fuel - 2000 lbs.
Ammo - 2000 lbs.
Troop - 2000 lbs.
Radar - 1000 lbs.
Town Buildings - 100 lbs.
Manned Guns at .001 (Strafable)

All auto ack will be destroyed.  Manned guns will be set at
.001 hardness allowing for strafing runs.

Offline or Custom Arena Setup:
Choose NDisles Terrain.  Go to Clipboard and select
Options then Arena Setup and then Fields.  In Left Window
Box, highlight C20 in drop down menu and leave highlighted.
In same Left Box Window, go to lower right box window
marked Current Country and select Bishops.  While C20 is
still highlighted and Bishop then over in Right Window Box
scroll through the plane list and highlight Ju-87D-3.  Keep
Ju-87D-3 highlighted and click either Enable Plane Tab or Enable
At All Fields Tab.

If A33 needs to be changed to another country, then repeat above
steps and select Knights or Rooks for A33.

Jump Task Force:
Go to Clipboars and click Task Group tab.
Click TG20 and Take Command and Patrol.
Right click with mouse to a point under 100 miles away where you
want the TG to go.  If Server says Segment Touches Land, then
click Clear points and redo.
With a clar path, click Options -> Arena Setup -> Enviroment ->
Task Group Jump.  Click TG20 and click OK.  This will move TG to
the farthest point of path. Repeat steps to move TG to where you
need to go.

If you can't take off, then go to Options then Arena Setup
then Enviroment then under General tab you will see Country
Flags Bishop.  If you see #2, then click Bishop Country
Flags for left window screen and in box where #2 change
to #3.  That will allow flight.

Tower Eye:
Players who arrive after Fields Closed or can no longer
fly the event can watch from CM Eye View. Go to clipboard,
click Options, click Controls, click Map Keys, click View
Select CM Eye Move Forward to highlight, click F7 and click
Set Key.  In Tower, click F5 for outside tower view, click
F7 to activate CM Eye Move Forward. Use throttle control for
speed and joystick to move left, right, up, and down.

Arena Settings:
NDisles terrain
Enable Tower Gods Eye
Full Radar
Fuel Burn 1.0
Auto ack will be set at .001
No wind
Killshooter ON
Fields Open for entire event
T + 90 minutes event is over.  Logs will be closed
and arena rebooted. Anyone still in arena will be
ejected including CM.
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