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Sunday Night Races: Torpedo Run Alley
« on: June 20, 2019, 06:38:09 PM »
Sunday Night races: Torpedo Run Alley SEA 2
Sunday June 23rd 8PM EST/7 PM CST

CM Host : AKKuya

Welcome!!!! Please read entire message. 
All the info will be there.  Always stay
as long aspossible, there are the
possibilities of creative changes being
made at any given time for enhanced

Please switch to country Bishop and report to A24
tower or CV 54. 

A24 Aircraft:
G4M1 Model II
He 111H

C54 Aircraft:
PT Boat

Target Sector:
Launch East from A24 (13,14)

Vox: 150

Race Setup:
Players will fly any provided bomber aircraft with bombload of
choice to sink as many ships as possible.  Players will launch
from same airfield on the text or Vox command GO!!!!.  All ship guns
will be at the least amount of lethality.  The event ends when
all ships have been destroyed or T + 120. 

This is an unlimited life event.  Players can choose to
bomb and bail or rearm.  Rearm bonus of 100 pts
with a span of 5 minutes or more.

Rearm Bonus:
That will be a mininum of 5 minutes from Takeoff to Rearm or
from Rearm to next Rearm.  You can Rearm successfully and End
Sortie to relaunch with new bomber pod and still receive the
Bonus with 5 minute interval from either a rearm or Takeoff.

Yalid Targets:
All ships

Carrier = 1000 points
Cruiser = 500 points
Destroyer = 100 points
Gun = 1 point

Object Hardness:
Carrier = 15000 lbs.
Cruiser = 10000 lbs
Destroyer = 8000 lbs.

Offline or Custom Arena Setup:
Choose Marianas Terrain.  Go to Clipboard and select
Options then Arena Setup and then Fields.  In Left Window
Box, highlight A24 in drop down menu and leave highlighted.
In same Left Box Window, go to lower right box window
marked Current Country and select Bishops.  While A24 is
still highlighted and Bishop then over in Right Window Box
scroll through the plane list and highlight aircraft.  Keep
aircraft highlighted and click either Enable Plane Tab or Enable
At All Fields Tab.

If you can't take off, then go to Options then Arena Setup
then Enviroment then under General tab you will see Country
Flags Bishop.  If you see #2, then click Bishop Country
Flags for left window screen and in box where #2 change
to #3.  That will allow flight.

Jump Task Force:
Go to Clipboars and click Task Group tab.
Click TG and Take Command and Patrol.
Right click with mouse to a point under 100 miles away where you
want the TG to go.  If Server says Segment Touches Land, then
click Clear points and redo.
With a clar path, click Options -> Arena Setup -> Enviroment ->
Task Group Jump.  Click TG and click OK.  This will move TG to
the farthest point of path. Repeat steps to move TG to where you
need to go.

Players who arrive after Fields Closed or can no longer
fly the event can watch from CM Eye View. Go to clipboard,
click Options, click Controls, click Map Keys, click View
Select CM Eye Move Forward to highlight, click F7 and click
Set Key.  In Tower, click F5 for outside tower view, click
F7 to activate CM Eye Move Forward. Use throttle control for
speed and joystick to move left, right, up, and down.

Arena Settings:
Marianas terrain
Enable Tower Gods Eye
Full Radar
Fuel Burn 1.0
Auto ack will be set at .001
No wind
Killshooter ON
T + 120 minutes event is over.  Logs will be closed
and arena rebooted. Anyone still in arena will be
ejected including CM.

Players using the PT Boats will need to wait for text buffer
in any ship damage from torpedo use before launching a new PT
Boat.  This is to ensure when relaunching the previous torpedo
attack won't disappear.  It is advised for players to use the
rest of weaponry aboard before getting new boat.  This should
give enough time to know whether a player hit a ship or not.

Players flying aircraft with torpedoes should follow same
guidelines as PT Boat before bombing and bailing and then
relaunching with new bombers. 

Killshooter will be ON.  Players flying bombers should be
careful to not drop bombs near players in PT Boats.  Bomber
pilots might be returned to A24 tower.

There will be a friendly CV group in 14,14 kp 5.  Bomber pilots
might drop on friendly CV in the middle of enemy CV groups.  Look
at above mentioned info.  Friendly CV won't take damage nor hurt
bombers except when PT Boats are just spawning.  The support ships
of the friendly fleet will be destroyed to orevent any confusion
of whether the ship is friendly or not.

There will be enemy CV groups firing at players and for an unknown
reason some enemy CV groups won't fire at players.  Best guess
would be original Port and CV group belonging to Bishop and being
switched to another country.

27 enemy CV groups contained in a 625 square mile area is complete
chaos and anarchy.  Each fleet on a separate course passing near
central friendly fleet allowing for PT Boats to spawn and attack. 
Aircraft at wave top level sinking ships with torpedoes.  Aircraft in
the air level bombing fleets. 

Torpedo Run Alley YTD

Torpedo Run Alley Point Standings
25,274 - AKBmzawy
11,461 - AKKuya
10,684 - Twinn50s
8737 - AKAvman
7733 - Joker
5235 - 8thJinx
5154 - AKRocco
4807 - OneWay
4272 - Luft
3309 - LNG15
3128 - Elcid
2347 - SKTurt
2159 - Aleric
1364 - Gremlin
1154 - Ozone
1135 - KB
1005 - Red37
635 - Engr
152 - Aviere
143 - RTDash1
132 - JVLees70
107 - DaCajun
100 - Sedulus
21 - 2old2fly

Guns Destroyed
574 - AKBmzawy
561 - AKKuya
384 - Twinn50s
307 - OneWay
237 - AKAvman
233 - Joker
159 - Aleric
109 - LNG15
72 - Luft
64 - Gremlin
54 - AKRocco, Ozone
52 - Aviere
47 - SKTurt
43 - RTDash1
35 - Engr, KB, 8thJinx
32 - JVlees70
28 - Elcid
21 - 2old2fly
7 - Dacajun
5 - Red37

Destoyers Sunk
13 - Twinn50s
12 - AKBmzawy
10 - Joker
4 - AKKuya
3 - Gremlin, SKTurt
2 - 8thJinx, LNG15, Luft
1 - AKRocco, Aviere, Dacajun, Elcid, Engr, JVLees70, KB, Ozone, RTDash1, Sedulus

Cruisers Sunk
7 - AKBmzawy, AKKuya
6 - Twinn50s
5 - Joker
3 - OneWay
2 - 8thJinx, AKRocco, Aleric, Gremlin, LNG15, Luft, Ozone, SKTurt
1 - AKAvman, Engr

Aircraft Carriers Sunk
20 - AKBmzawy
8 - AKAvman
7 - AKKuya
6 - Twinn50s
4 - 8thJinx, AKRocco, Joker
3 - Elcid, Luft, Oneway
2 - LNG15
1 - Aleric, KB, Red37, SKTurt

Total Ships Sunk
39 - AKBmzawy
25 - Twinn50s
19 - Joker
18 - AKKuya
9 - AKAvman
8 - 8thJinx
7 - AKRocco, Luft
6 - LNG15, Oneway, SKTurt
5 - gremlin
4 - Elcid
3 - Aleric, Ozone
2 - Engr, KB
1 - Aviere, DaCajun, JVLees70, Red37, RTDash1, Sedulus

Total Objects Destroyed
613 - AKBmzawy
579 - AKKuya
409 - Twinn50s
313 - OneWay
252 - Joker
246 - AKAvman
162 - Aleric
115 - LNG15
79 - Luft
69 - Gremlin
61 - AKRocco
57 - Ozone
53 - Aviere, SKTurt
44 - RTDash1
43 - 8thJinx
37 - Engr, KB
33 - JVLees70
32 - Elcid
21 - 2old2fly
8 - Dacajun
6 - Red37
1 - Sedulus

There is plenty of time for new and returning players to take the
top spots before the end of the calendar year.
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Re: Sunday Night Races: Torpedo Run Alley
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Logs are posted.

Snapshot under June SNR: Torpedo Run Alley
Chuck Norris can pick oranges from an apple tree and make the best lemonade in the world. Every morning when you wake up, swallow a live toad. Nothing worse can happen to you for the rest of the day. They say money can't buy happiness. I would like the opportunity to find out. Why be serious?