Author Topic: Unity as a Terrain Creation Tool?  (Read 45 times)

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Unity as a Terrain Creation Tool?
« on: August 29, 2019, 07:52:46 PM »
I might have to play some more with this someday.

Today I was playing around with the new terrain creation features in Unity.  Some pretty cool stuff. 

It got me wonder if this could be leveraged to help with some of the grunt work in AH.  Not objects and fields of course, but the base terrain.

It has the ability to export the finished mesh into a raw file.  I haven;t figured out yet how to tweak it to spit out what AH likes yet, but I'm sure it is possible even if a bridge code is needed to read in one format and convert to what AH wants.  It still might be worth it.  There is also supposed to be a way to export a splatmap.  Perhaps there is a way that the AH texture could be imported to let this create the mesh and paint with the texture and then export to AH for the finishing touches. 


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Re: Unity as a Terrain Creation Tool?
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2019, 04:53:39 PM »
Build a complete MA 10x10 and get it published before go down this rabbit hole. I admit a lot of what they package into their app for pre design I perform those actions across several other apps ultimately relying on my topographical blueprint 2D file to guide my construction inside of the terrain editor. Depending on how much base detail I want to import, I create that in the 2D blueprint to convert to a RAW file. I don't know if their app will allow you to set the polygon size to match the AH terrain polygon size and do the complete 10x10 then export for the TE to import. Large terrain objects made of a large number of smaller polygons on a 10x10 MA terrain will kill customer FPS. Some customers still have problems flying near the city, or task groups close to feilds, or the super large airfield. Part of the reason I left the super large field out of my most recent terrain.

Our large polygon size in the MA if I remember is becasue of how many objects you don't see out 40 miles in any direction you look have to be pre-rendered. That's why war thunder with it's 10mile x 10mile arenas can get away with very detailed terrains using smaller polygons. From looking at so many WT videos I wonder if Gaijin uses that tool or one similar. I also noticed what looks like drop in topography blocks that can be mixed and resorted across the grid board of their arena space. Build once, save in a library of shapes, drop in and massage. Still after the number of WT videos I watched to understand their terrains, it was obvious they recycled a lot, probably hoping the arcade effect of that was lost on the players. AH is not WT and the MA is 625,000sq miles versus WT is 100sq miles. So in our 250mile x 250mile arena, you can see the garbage effect of simply a large area of 1x1 terrain tiles being repeated as a quilt pattern. All that art work I do with the tiles on my terrains is on purpose to reduce the quilt effect making my topography effects look like garbage.

I guess the holy grail people have been holding out for against building MA terrains, is the ability to simply brush mountains on with a pre-set brush and not have to actually build them as a topographical profile old school inside of the TE. If you really think about it, actually building many terrains ultimately speeds up your production time versus trying to find a holy grail app. My first terrain took 7 months with very average detail while my 4th took 4 months with 10x the detail put in as a side effect of the practiced production process. I suppose I could export my terrains, clip out blocks and recombine them into a 2048x2048 and import that back into the TE. I would still need to get my hands dirty as an artist to cleanup all the transitions and morph them to make some kind of sense topographically. By that point it would have been easier to create a theme and a profile to import into the TE. Then there is custom shuffling the terrain tiles for better artistic effect..........

I once wished Hitech would put a clipping tool in the TE where you could outline an area and copy that to create libraries of topography. Over my last three terrains there are numerous features that would work well replicated into new projects. I guess being able to paint your mountain into existence is the holy grail of not having to give up months to produce a world for the MA. After all, terrain building for our game in the end is a single person endeavor due to only that single person holds the completed vision of their art work inside their head. There was even a player who thought I could hand him off side work for my terrains so he didn't have to build a whole terrain himself. Even if that was possible, if he didn't hold my vision or even understand it, anything handed back to me would be additional time fixing his work to fit my vision.

This is why I keep telling you to complete one terrain and get it published for the MA.
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