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2019 KOTH Tournament Of Champions
« on: November 07, 2019, 01:34:10 PM »
Getting close to years end and have to look at a calendar soon and reconnoiter January 2020 for a good date.
My usual method is to get it in first before 2020 KOTH starts so it might be on regular KOTH A date and have that a week later. No idea where Bruv will fit his in as his schedule is busier than mine.
Anyway here's the list and I'm pretty consistent in making at least one mistake no matter how many times I go over it so keep me honest guys.

Preliminary list for 2019 KOTH Tournament Of Champions.

2018 Champion-  Violator

   A: SirLoin - CAKEBOSS, Rud3boi.
   B: TC - s1id3r , moose1.
   A: Cheech - BigMax, JeffN.
   B: 8Whiskey -  Simon.
   A: Wiley.
   B: ULDutchV - ULTactus, Mindy, moose1.
   A: Yori.
   B: ULTactus.
   A: Eagler.
   B: devert.
   A: Eagler.
   A: BlakDeth - Eagler, TC.
   A: HORRIDO1 - KrazyIvan.
   A: Rud3boi -  chooka.

November- tbd
December- tbd

THE List>>  BigMax, BlakDeth, CAKEBOSS, Cheech, chooka, devert, Eagler, HiTech, HORRIDO1, JeffN, KrazyIvan, Mindy, moose1, Rud3boi, Simon, s1id3r, TC, ULDutchV, ULTactus, Violator, Wiley, Yori, 8Whiskey.

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Re: 2019 KOTH Tournament Of Champions
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 11:11:11 AM »
I hope a crowd shows up this year! Perhaps send out some PMs to players you know who have a forum account about it. I don't want anyone to not know the event is happening.

Thanks for putting it all together!


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