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Massive Midway Mayhem - 9PM EST SEA2
« on: December 26, 2019, 09:25:47 AM »

Place: Special Events Arena 2
Time: 9PM EST/8PM CST (Saturday Night)

All players and squads are welcome to fly.

There's a lot of info in this write up.  A lot of info to absorb for tactical and strategic thinking.  If you have any questions, then ask away.

The IJN and IJAAF has launched a massive naval force against the island of Midway.  The USN and USAAF has intercepted the Japanese attack plans and deployed a massive naval force to protect Midway. 

Historical version: The Japanese had 4 aircraft carriers and support ships to launch attack against one island and it's defenses.  Two USN aircraft carriers and support ships were in place for defense along with Midway defenses.
What if? version:  Each side has 14 aircraft carrier fleets apiece and both have an island base for multi-engine bombers.  This makes it mostly even with the most abundant target rich environment possible.

Allied Objectives: Sink 13 Japanese carrier task forces in sector in 13,12 (Blue sector).  Destroy A24 (No Town attached) and sink single carrier group in 13,14 sector.
Axis Objectives: Sink 13 USN carrier task forces in sector in 14,11 (Purple sector).  Destroy A23 (No Town attached) and sink single carrier group in 13,9 sector.

Special Rules:
1) Unlimited Lives
2) Limited radar
3) Aircraft specific to Theater and Country
4) All 28 CV fleets will be kept in containment areas under CM control.
5) All fighter aircraft will have ground ordnance available.
6) Only the B5N2 and TBM are restricted to torpedo use only.  All other payloads will be inactive for those aircraft.
7) All deaths, bails and captures counts as points for the opposing side.  Players who bomb and bail will give points to other side in aircraft losses.
8) A23 is the only VALID airfield target for Axis.  Any ground targets destroyed at other airfields will not have any points rewarded.
9) Players are free to fly all the normally perked aircraft in the Main Arena for FREE in this event.

Allied Active Fields
A23 (13,9) All Allied aircraft available
C57 (13,9) All USN/USMC naval aircraft available

Axis Active Fields
A24 (13,4) All Axis aircraft available
C30 (13,4) All IJN naval aircraft available

Aircraft Order of Battle
A6M2 40.00 ENY
A6M3 35.00 ENY
A6M5 20.00 ENY
Ki-43 35.00 ENY
Ki-61 35.00 ENY
Ki-84 20.00 ENY
NIK2-J 8.00 ENY
B5N2 40.00 ENY Torpedo Only
D3A1 40.00 ENY
G4M1 30.00 ENY
Ki-67 30.00 ENY

F4F 40.00 ENY
F4U-1 25.00 ENY
F4U-1A 12.00 ENY
F4U-1C 5.00 ENY
F4U-1D 9.00 ENY
F4U-4 5.00 ENY
F6F-5 12.00 ENY
FM2 25.00 ENY
SBD 30.00 ENY
TBM 35.00 ENY Torpedo Only
B-25C 30.00 ENY
B-26 30.00 ENY

Tier 1 Aircraft
A6M2 - 1 point
A6M3 - 1 point
B-25C - 2 points
B5N2 - 1 point
D3A1 - 1 point
F4F - 1 point
G4M1 - 2 points
Ki-43 - 1 point
SBD - 1 point
TBM - 1 point

Tier 2 Aircraft
A6M5 - 3 points
B-26 - 5 points
F4U-1 - 3 points
FM2 - 3 points
Ki-84 - 3 points
Ki-67 - 5 points

Tier 3 Aircraft
NIK2-J - 10 points
F4U-1A - 10 points
F4U-1C - 15 points
F4U-1D - 15 points
F4U-4 - 15 points
F6F-5 - 10 points

Tier Multiplier (Air to Air)
Tier 3 aircraft shooting down all aircraft will be designated point value only.
Tier 2 aircraft shooting down both Tier 1 and Tier 2 aircraft will be designated point value only. 
Tier 2 aircraft shooting down Tier 3 aircraft will be designated point value times 3.
Tier 1 aircraft shooting down Tier 1 aircraft will be designated point value only. 
Tier 1 aircraft shooting down Tier 2 aircraft will be designated point value times 4.
Tier 1 aircraft shooting down Tier 3 aircraft will be designated point value times 10.

Ground Target Scoring:
Gun - 1 point
Radar - 5 points
Ammo Bunker - 25 points
Fuel Tank - 25 points
Troop Barrack - 25 points
Bomber Hangar - 100 points
Fighter Hangar - 250 points
Vehicle Hangar - 300 points
Destroyer - 500 points
Cruiser - 750 points
Carrier - 1000 points

Tier Multiplier (Air to Ground)
Tier 3 Aircraft destroying ground targets will be designated point value.
Tier 2 Aircraft destroying ground targets will be designated point value times 3.
Tier 1 Aircraft destroying ground targets will be designated point value times 10.
Torpedo aircraft will receive double Tier multiplier for any ship sunk.

Each side will have 14 aircraft carriers, 14 cruisers and 56 destroyers to sink.

Gun - 100 lbs.
Radar - 100 lbs.
Ammo Bunkers - 250 lbs.
Fuel Tanks - 250 lbs.
Troop Barracks - 250 lbs.
All Hangars - 500 lbs.
Destroyers - 1000 lbs.
Cruisers - 1500 lbs.
Carriers - 2000 lbs.

At end of the event, any ground targets not destroyed will be credited to the opposing side at 5 times the designated value.  For the ships, only the whole value of the ship will be awarded with no points for undestroyed guns.

Arena Settings:
Terrain - Marianas
Fuel Burn - 1.0
Ack - .001
Kill Messages - Disabled
Enemy Collisions - ON
Friendly Collisions - OFF
Formations Enabled - ON
Formation Autopilot - ON
Killshooter - ON
Radar Mode - Limited
Bomber Warning Range - 26,400 (5 miles)
Fighter Warning Range - 26,400 (5 miles)
Tower Warning Range - 26,400 (5 miles)
3 Hour event

Design Intent:
This style event is a mix of both Main Arena play and historical matchups created through Special Events.  There is a loose style created in design to allow for both individual players and squads to conduct their own missions using choice of aircraft.  At the same time, a Side CIC/CO can volunteer and organize with other players and squads to wage a collaborative campaign against the enemy.  This is not a registered event and side forums will not be available.  Planning should be done through other formats available.

The design has incorporated all aircraft available in game for each side.  The Main Arena ENY list is the measuring board for the Early, Mid and Late War planes.  The loose style allows for players and squads to choose any aircraft with no limits.  The design is created to reward players and squads who choose to fly Early or Mid War planes in air to air victories, sinking of ships and destruction of ground targets with greater points to that side. 

The design of the Objectives is to push each side for total annihilation of the other side.  This in turn creates a greater push to defend the ships and airfields.  The ack is set at .001 which translates to an aircraft receiving 1000 hits to equal 1 hit in the main arena.  Flying through 13 carrier groups will not result in a suicide run.  Taking fire from an enemy aircraft will be lethal.  Since the ack is set at .001, there is no need for players to man guns.

For any new players, you will not see your victories and or damage points when landing successfully.  The Special Events Arena has the ability to record the information as logs.  The logs can be found at under the Events Logs tab and then in the Snapshots Log for Massive Midway Madness.  The logs will be posted within a few minutes after the event has ended.  It will be divided between Allied and Axis, squad first by numerical and then alphabetical name and finally by ZZZ squad for those who don't belong to a squad.

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