Author Topic: Oh-ficial 2019 KOTH Tournament Of Champions Results  (Read 46 times)

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Oh-ficial 2019 KOTH Tournament Of Champions Results
« on: January 18, 2020, 11:13:16 AM »
Certainly not news but it is now Oh-ficial
Another grand Tournament Of Champions filled with great fights closed out the 2019 KOTH season and hopefully bringing you a bigger slice of what KOTH feels like with this year's film results, well.. most of them as I missed one round.
This years TOC ran for an hour and fourty-five minutes with seven invitees, about twenty seven percent, of the total invited. We had seven rounds and two wabbits, with last year's winner being one of them. It seems even in the TOC folks need to be reminded about hunting that wabbit!!
-{S}- and Congratulations to ULDutchV for winning the 2019 King Of The Hill Tournament Of Champions. The Bf 110G-2 was chosen for the 2020 TOC round 1 plane.
Round by round results:
{ My films using CM Eye will be posted in the Films and Screenshots forum }
1} ULDutchieV in a P-47D-11
2} TC in a I-16
3} Violator in a C.202
4} Simon in a Bf 109F-4
5} Violator in a F4U-1A   {Wabbit}
6} ULDutchieV in a P-40N   {Wabbit}
7} ULDutchieV wins in a Bf 110G-2

ULDutchV automatically gets an invitation to the 2020 TOC.
Top five killers were ULDutchV-9, Eagler and Violator-7, Simon-6, TC-4.
Logs can be found at
Here is a link to the TOC films,,398959.0.html
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