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Revised Snapshot Bombing Berlin Event
« on: February 08, 2020, 09:23:01 PM »
Date: 29 Feb 2020
Place : Special Events Arena 2

Premise: The USAAF and RAF are in all out offensive mode against the Luftwaffe.  Allied air strikes are coming from all directions with the intent of reducing Berlin to rubble.  The Luftwaffe must defend at all costs.

Allied Objective: Destroy Berlin: A2 Large Airfield and Town (17,12,5), HQ (18,12,5), Ammo Factory (18,12,7), Grunt Training Facility (18,12,4), Fuel Refinery (18,12,4), Radar factory (18,12,1), City (18,12,5), F103 (17,12,4), F111 (18,12,2), F112 (18,12,7), and F113 (18,12,9)
Axis Objective : Defend Berlin

Special Rules:
1) Unlimited lives
2) Axis pilots must stay over Axis territory.
3) A2 Field will be for all LW aircraft including Me-163 and Me-262 (No limit on how many jets lift into the air).  All other propeller LW aircraft will be available at all active LW Fields.
4) If Allied bombers shut down A2 Fighter Hangars, then jet fighters are disabled for rest of event.
5) Berlin targets are the only VALID targets for scoring purposes.  Allied bombers can drop on other targets but receive no points.
6) Limited radar.
7) Axis fighters will have all ground ordnance disabled.
8) Allied fighters will have all ordnance available.
9) Players are free to fly all the normally perked aircraft in the Main Arena for FREE in this event.
10) Once an object is destroyed.  It is down for entire event.
11) Axis player may man field guns.  They receive 1/2 of aircraft designated point.

Allied Aircraft Fuel Capability:
Not all Allied aircraft will have fuel to reach Berlin.
Some Allied aircraft will reach Berlin but not make it back to base.
Few Allied aircraft will reach Berlin AND make it back to base.
Recovery fields will be in place within France.

Allied Active Fields with 15,000 ft. Air Starts and Locations:
A1N (2,15,5)
A1NE (3,15,5)
A1E (3,14,5) 
A1SE (2,14,5)
A4N (9,17,5)
A4NE (6,16,5)
A4E (9,14,5) 
A4SE (3,11,5)
A6N (11,15,5)
A6NE (8,14,5)
A6E (6,12,5) 
A6SE (5,9,5) Only one over Europe

Active Axis Fields:
A2 (17,12,5)
A53 (16,15,2)
A98 (13,12,6)
A96 (14,14,3)
A119 (14,9,4)
A40 (11,14,8)
A121 (11,12,6)
A47 (13,16,4)
A120 (12,9,1)
A37 (10,12,7)
A23 (7,9,4)
A30 (7,11,7)
A31 (7,13,2)

Allied Recovery Fields:
A22 (4,8,5)
A21 (5,6,5)
A20 (7,5,5)
A33 (10,4,7)
A17 (4,5,2)
A15 (2,5,5)
A12 (1,3,5)

Allied Aircraft Order of Battle: Aircraft, MA ENY value, Victory Points
Tier 1
B-25C 40.00 1 point
Boston III 35.00 1 point
Hurricane 1 40.00 1 point
Hurricane IID 40.00 1 point
Mossie VI 30.00 1 point
P-38G 35.00 1 point
P-39D 40.00 1 point
P-39Q 35.00 1 point
P-40C 40.00 1 point
P-40E 40.00 1 point
P-40F 40.00 1 point
P-40N 35.00 1 point
P-47D-11 35.00 1 point
Spitfire I 40.00 1 point
Spitfire V 35.00 1 point

Tier 2
A-20 15.00 3 points
B-17 20.00 5 points
B-24 20.00 5 points
B-25H 20.00 3 points
B-26 20.00 3 points
Hurricane II 20.00 3 points
P-38J 20.00 3 points
P-47D-25 25.00 3 points
P-47D-40 20.00 3 points
P-51B 20.00 3 points
Spitfire IX 20.00 3 points

Tier 3
B-29 2.00 50 points
Lancaster III 10.00 15 points
Mossie XVI 10.00 20 points
P-38L 12.00 10 points
P-47M 10.00 10 points
P-47N 10.00 10 points
P-51D 5.00 15 points
Spitfire VIII 10.00 10 points
Spitfire IVX 5.00 15 points
Spitfire XVI 5.00 15 points
Typhoon 10.00 10 points
Tempest 10.00 15 points

Axis Aircraft Order of Battle:
Tier 1
Bf-109E-4 40.00 1 point
Bf-109F-4 20.00 1 point
Bf-109G-2 30.00 1 point
Bf-109G-6 30.00 1 point
Bf-110C4b 40.00 1 point
Brewster B-239 30.00 1 point
C.202 40.00 1 point

Tier 2
Bf-109G-14 25.00 3 points
Bf-109K-4 15.00 5 points
Bf-110G-2 15.00 5 points
C.205 25.00 3 points
Fw-190A-5 25.00 3 points
Fw-190A-8 20.00 3 points
Fw-190F-8 25.00 3 points
Me-410 25.00 3 points

Tier 3
Fw-190D-9 12.00 10 points
Me-163 5.00 50 points
Me-262 5.00 50 points
Ta-152 5.00 10 points

Ground Target Value:
Ground Gun - 1 point
Ack Factory - 1 point
Ammo Factory - 1 point
City Building - 1 point
Fuel Factory - 1 point
Radar factory - 1 point
Town Building - 1 point
Troop Building - 1 point
Radar - 5 points
Ammo Bunker - 25 points
Fuel Tank - 25 points
Troop Barracks - 25 points
Bomber Hangar - 100 points
Fighter Hangar - 150 points
Vehicle Hangar - 200 points
HQ Building - 500 points
Allies White Flag A2 Town - 500 points
Axis Prevents White Flag A2 Town - 2500 points

Tier Scoring System:
Tier Multiplier (Air to Air)
Tier 3 aircraft shooting down all aircraft will be designated point value only.
Tier 2 aircraft shooting down both Tier 1 and Tier 2 aircraft will be designated point value only. 
Tier 2 aircraft shooting down Tier 3 aircraft will be designated point value times 3.
Tier 1 aircraft shooting down Tier 1 aircraft will be designated point value only. 
Tier 1 aircraft shooting down Tier 2 aircraft will be designated point value times 4.
Tier 1 aircraft shooting down Tier 3 aircraft will be designated point value times 10.

Tier Multiplier (Air to Ground)
Tier 3 Aircraft destroying ground targets will be designated point value.
Tier 2 Aircraft destroying ground targets will be designated point value times 3.
Tier 1 Aircraft destroying ground targets will be designated point value times 10.

At end of the event, any ground targets not destroyed will be credited to the opposing side at 5 times the designated value.

Object Hardness:
Guns - 100 lbs.
Buildings - 100 lbs.
Radar - 100 lbs.
Ammo Bunker - 250 lbs.
Fuel Tanks - 250 lbs.
Troop Barracks - 250 lbs.
Bomber Hangar - 1000 lbs.
Fighter Hangar - 1000 lbs.
Vehicle Hangar - 1000 lbs.
HQ Building - 5000 lbs.

Arena Settings:
Terrain - Rhineland
Fuel Burn - 1.0
Ack - 1.0
Kill Messages - Disabled
Enemy Collisions - ON
Friendly Collisions - OFF
Formations Enabled - ON
Formation Autopilot - ON
Bombsite Calibration - MA standard
Killshooter - ON
Radar Altitude is set for 3000 ft.
Radar Update is 300 second (5 minutes)
Enemy bombers will show as fighters.
Mouse over player ID is disabled.
Bomber Warning Range - 26,400 (5 miles)
Fighter Warning Range - 26,400 (5 miles)
Tower Warning Range - 52,800 (10 miles)
Town Capture - 100%
4 Hour event

Design Intent:
This style event is a mix of both Main Arena play and historical matchups created through Special Events.  There is a loose style created in design to allow for both individual players and squads to conduct their own missions using choice of aircraft.  At the same time, a Side CIC/CO can volunteer and organize with other players and squads to wage a collaborative campaign against the enemy.  This is not a registered event and side forums will not be available.  Planning should be done through other formats available.

The design has incorporated all aircraft available in game for each side.  The Main Arena ENY list is the measuring board for the Early, Mid and Late War planes.  The loose style allows for players and squads to choose any aircraft with no limits.  The design is created to reward players and squads who choose to fly Early or Mid War planes in air to air victories and destruction of ground targets. 

The design of the Objectives is to push the Allied side for total annihilation of the Axis side.  This in turn creates a greater push for Axis to defend Berlin targets.

For any new players, you will not see your victories and or damage points when landing successfully.  The Special Events arena has the ability to record the information as logs.  The logs can be found at under the Events Logs tab and then in the Snapshots Log for Bombing Berlin.  The logs will be posted within a few minutes after the event has ended.  It will be divided between Allied and Axis, squad first by numerical and then alphabetical name and finally by ZZZ squad for those who don't belong to a squad.

Modified Changes:
1) Terrain doesn't reflect damage percentage on strats and Town.  Points are now awarded for each individual building destroyed at valid targets.
2) Changed the ack setting to 1.0.  Allied aircraft will receive damage operating low to Axis fields.
3) Opened manned guns for Axis side.  Players will only receive half the designated aircraft value for kills.
4) A2 White Flag is 500 points for Allied victory and 2500 points for Axis prevention.
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Re: Revised Snapshot Bombing Berlin Event
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2020, 10:25:31 PM »
That's bad - Bombers making the round trip seems unlikely. That's good - more sorties. That's bad - they'll be spread out and disorganized. That's good - chaos makes for unpredictability.

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