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June 2020 KOTH Results.
« on: June 19, 2020, 09:42:49 PM »
June KOTH looked like it was going to sail through the two hour break and continue to have great dog fights past 11 pm. That look needed glasses though as the 7th round came down to a battle of wabbits, ending the round and event. We flew for two hours and had seven rounds as mentioned. Numbers were good with 15 and we had three wabbits. We did have a few new faces which is always good and they had a good time. Maybe a few of them showed up for our initial monthly main arena perk prize. Congratulations and -{S}- to Krupnski for the win. Krupnski chose the P-51B for July's chariot of battle, which will be 12 July... a Sunday, and also chose 500 fighter perks in the main arena.

Round by round results;
1} Krupnski in a Bf 109F-4
2} Krupnski in a Spitfire Mk. V   {Wabbit}
3} Sukov in a Yak-9T
4} Eagler in a Ki-84-Ia
5} Sukov in a Bf 109E-4   {Wabbit}
6} Eagler in a Ta 152H-1  {Wabbit}
7} Krupnski wins  in a Brewster B-239

TOC reservations were earned by Krupnski, Eagler, Sukov
Top killers were Krupnski 15, perdweeb and Sukov with 10, Eagler 9 and TC with 6.
Logs can be found at
Results have also started to be posted again on the AH Events site.
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Re: June 2020 KOTH Results.
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Fun time again!

<S> Krup!

Thanks for hosting fuzeman / JeffN