Author Topic: Fortress Europe Mission #1 - 5/30/2020 - Wilhelmshaven Flak Factory  (Read 287 times)

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Saturday, May 30th, 2020 - 6PM EST and 11PM EST

Target: Wilhelmshaven Flak Factory 11.14.3


REICH DEFENSE: Bf 109G-2, Bf 109G-6, Bf 110G-2, Fw 190A-5


1) All German Luftwaffe Fields in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium are active and will have Luftwaffe aircraft enabled there.

2) At T+45 - A61 will close.
3) At T+90 - All flight disabled, AI Bombers can be controlled upon request to CM.

How to participate:

BOMBER: Join 117 Vox and go to A4 Tower. Arm B-17G FORMATION with at least 50% fuel. Upon Launch Order from CM, spawn A4 EAST AIRSPAWN and form on AI Bomber formation. If you are killed, either up a fighter (see instructions below) or PM Nefari and ask him to place you in an AI bomber already in flight.

ESCORT: Join 117 Vox and go to A4 Tower. Arm Fighter and launch from A4 EAST (Close Escort) or A4 NORTHEAST OR NORTH SPAWNS (Fighter Sweep). You may up fighters from these spawns until T+90.

LUFTWAFFE: Join Luftwaffe Vox or head to A61 tower and Arm Fighter and launch from any field in Germany, Netherlands or Belgium. OR - Airspawn from A61 or A106. At T+45 A61 will close. At T+90 all flight will be disabled.
There must also be a flyable computer available for Nefarious to do FSO. So he doesn't keep talking about it for eight and a half hours on Friday night!