Author Topic: Film viewer didn't save certain sorties from Combat challenge.  (Read 24 times)

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So, I was going to post some of my good sorties from the event in the films and screen shots. Unfortunately, there is some kind of bug where it only saved about half of my sorties... some how about 6 sorties (the best ones) didn't get saved, including the very first thru 3rd sortie. I had some awesome sorties. Dont understand why it only saved short sorties where I died. UGH! All of my long sorties except one disappeared and I believe some of the file names were not the sorties i recorded with that name. Really too bad. It seemed like all of the longer sorties didn't get saved. I should have had 1-13 sorties filmed, but instead it only saved about 6 of them.

Looking at it now, it didn't save any film with 5.22 (period in the date) films.

Not sure what's going on. I am using Dx9 because of the freezes in DX11.

Really disappointed about that.
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