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Weekend Events (June 15-17)
« on: June 15, 2001, 12:08:00 PM »

The Friday night and Saturday Snapshots are titled "V1 Raid".  They will take place at 10 PM Eastern Time on Friday and on Saturday at 3 PM Eastern Time. CM's are Ozark and Hblair.  :)

Allies (P-47's and B-26's)will fly from Field 22 and attack heavy water tanks and a new proto type of V1 rockets being stored in the bomber hangers at Field 16 and Field 6.  LW (109G2 and 109G6) will roll from Field 15 to patrol those areas.  


The Check 6! event this Sunday will use one of our historical terrains.  It will be at the usual time slot of 3 PM Eastern Time  and last for 3 hours. CM will be Ghosth.  Details will follow.

Come join the fun!   :) Check here for details!
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