Author Topic: Weekend Events (July 6th - 8th)  (Read 511 times)

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Weekend Events (July 6th - 8th)
« on: July 06, 2001, 11:35:00 AM »

The Friday night and Saturday Snapshots are titled “Scorching Earth”.  They will take place at 10 PM Eastern Time on Friday and on Saturday at 3 PM Eastern Time.  This is a tag team RACE using Arado’s!  :D Check the Events Pages for details.
The Check 6! event this Sunday will use the Europe terrain.  It will be at the usual time slot of 3 PM Eastern Time and last for 3 hours. CM will be BNG.  :)

*In the near future the Friday night Snapshots will move to a time slot an hour or so later. Currently they are set for 10 PM Eastern time, but the numbers are consistently higher an hour later at 11 PM Easter time. Soon after we move the Snapshot time the CM Corps will bring back the Tour of Duty, (TOD) which will replace the Snapshot for that night.  TOD will become a Friday night, weekly squad only event. When we are closer to finishing our work on the TOD’s and how squads can sign up the details will be posted here.  :)

Come join the fun!    :) Check here for details!

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