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Weekend Events (July 13th - 15th)
« on: July 12, 2001, 07:10:00 PM »

I am posting this a bit early so some of you will see the time changes sooner and can plan ahead.   :)

The Friday night and Saturday Snapshots are titled "Real Trouble".  They will take place at 10 PM Eastern Time on Friday and on Saturday at 9 AM Eastern Time.  CM's will be BNG and Caveman.

*Please note due to the Rumble 2001 taking place on Saturday we have moved the Saturday Snapshot up to 9 AM Eastern time as stated above.

*Starting July 20th  (next Friday) the Friday night Snapshots will move to 11 PM Eastern time, (1 hour later).

The RUMBLE 2001 will take place this Saturday at 4 PM Eastern.   :D The terrain is set up in the SEA and is open for practice. It will be down during the set up for the Snapshots. Host is Nash and CM's are banana and Daddog.
The Check 6! event this Sunday will use the Stalingrad terrain if it is done otherwise expect an ETO event.   :)  It will be at the usual time slot of 3 PM Eastern Time and last for 3 hours. CM will be Redwing.

Come join the fun!     :) Check here for details!
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