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KOTH monthly and Yearly awards.......
« on: June 09, 2020, 07:26:32 PM »

AH community,

The CM team with HiTech’s approval, would like to announce a monthly and yearly award/prize for winning the King Of The Hill event and the Tournament Of Champions event.
The monthly KOTH is held on Saturday’s at 9PM EST. the specific Saturday will be announced at the end of the previous month on the KOTH BBS:,135.0.html
As a reminder to veteran players and the new players that have not tried KOTH in a while the rules can be found here:

Basic concept here: ALL fliers are invited to Aces High's version of a "cage match"

1.   All players fly the same plane type
2.   Fight to the death
3.   Winner of the round chooses the next plane
4.   Repeat until someone wins three rounds

In a nut shell: these are some of the best white-knuckle dog fights you can have in a quick succession, additionally you can learn from and shoot down some of the best fighter pilots in the game.

Monthly winner, starting this June and continuing forward will receive:

   500 fighter perk points OR 250 bomber perk points OR 250 ground vehicle perk points

The Tournament Of Champions winner will receive:

   3 months paid subscription of Aces High

(TOC invite: The Tournament Of Champions is the last fight of the year between KOTH's best competitors. To get an invitation you must have won a KOTH or have been a wabbit this year. The winner of the TOC will earn an automatic invitation to the next TOC.)

I hope you can join us for the fun!

CM team
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Re: KOTH monthly and Yearly awards.......
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2020, 09:45:11 PM »
One minor clarification on perks, it's 500 fighter perks or 250 bomber and 250 vehicle perks, a total of 500 either way.
And thanks to Jeff and his initiative for getting this for you.
We may have more new people coming into the event too. Be friendly and we have to give them a little slack on the rules their first round or three.
Course, if they don't get the hang of it  :t
Just kidding, we been  having loads of fun in there lately.
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