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New Tour of Duty!
« on: July 17, 2001, 08:37:00 AM »
Rules of the Tour of Duty (TOD).

1. This is a squad based event.

- Such a plan is used to smooth out the administrative workload associated with large events and relegate it to the structures that already exist; squadrons.

- The idea for this series has been drawn from successful Warbirds S3 series and the previous Tour of Duty series of Aces High.

2. Participation:

- No walkons will be allowed on the day of the events, (frames). Any individual pilots wishing to participate must pre-register. Squadrons will have to register at a date that will be announced to the community. Hopefully in the next week or two. Squadrons will be issued admittance on first come / first serve basis until the assigned pool of flying spots is filled. Again, there are no walkons/volunteers allowed.

- Anticipated pool for the first event will be about 100 pilots. (please note that due to serious shortage of bomber pilots, dedicated bomber squadrons may be allowed in without prior registration or waiting)

- if in the following series some of the  registered squadrons drop out (lose interest / violate attendance rules) or numbers within the series is expanded, new squadrons will be selected from the list to fill in the vacant spots. There WILL NOT BE A SECOND REGISTRATION and squadrons will only be added to the list in the order we receive their requests to participate in the TOD.

- squadrons which registered previously and were not accepted will be chosen based on their place on the initial registration list.

- squadrons which did not register and express interest in the participation will be placed on the end of the waiting list as it was formed after the initial registration.

- squadrons which leave the series for whatever reason and wish to return will be placed on the end of the waiting list as it was formed after the initial registrations.

- once a squadron is accepted into the series , "it is invited forever", unless it wishes to leave or is dismissed by the CM team (see rules on attendance and CO volunteers)

 - the "aircraft of interest" for each squadron will be taken into consideration when aircraft are assigned.

3. Guests

- unassociated pilots, (those from non participating squads) will be allowed to participate in the event in order to give them a feel of what the TOD is all about.

- unassociated pilots will be provided a list of squadrons and their e-mail contacts. They can apply for one of the 2 "guest" spots that each squadron holds. It is entirely up to the squadron CO. He will accept or reject such an application or request from guest pilots.

- if guest is accepted into the squadron for the TOD, in the eyes of TOD crew he is a part of this squadron, and the CO of his squadron will be held responsible for this guest's actions/behavior.

- pilots can be "guests" for only one TOD, (usually 3 or 4 weeks). After that TOD is over, they may either join one of the TOD participating squadrons or form their own squadron.

4. Attendance

- about week before the start of the event, each squadron CO will be expected to submit an estimate of how many pilots from his squadron will be available to fly in each of all the frames of the upcoming TOD. (this number is used to assign aircraft and balance the sides in the design phase of the scenario)

- each squadron is expected to have at least 2/3rds (66%) or more of its pilots show up for each frame. If this rule is violated, squadron might be removed from the participation list.

- TOD aircraft assignments will not be revealed until after all the expected numbers are received.

 - if squadron has attendance higher then that anticipated by reasonable amount (no more then 20%) - all pilots are still allowed to fly.

5. Events and settings

- TOD's will take place on Friday night at 11 PM Eastern and we will drop the Friday night Snapshot.

- Frames will start 5 minutes after the hour regardless of C.O.'s readiness.

- Any gaps between TOD's will most likely be filled by a Snapshot.

- arena settings will be as "historical" as they can be made. Short icons, no in-flight radar, kill messages turned off, historical terrains/match ups.

- TOD's will always use historical terrains.

- In time scoring will be done using a special parser just for TOD event, but we plan to start without it and keep the scoring as simple as possible until we can implement a parser.

- channel 1 will not be used for an event except by TOD C.O.'s or CM's.

- all events will be "one life" events, with approximate running time from 1 to 2 hours.

- since historical plane match up's will be used, squadrons will have to rotate to fly strike aircraft or aircraft other then their preferred side or type. All squadrons are expected to keep up their participation in such case. This is done to balance the series and will be distributed as fairly as possible.

- scoring will be based on a squadron performance as a whole, with less of the individual emphasis.

6. Responsibilities.

- Pilots will be responsible for the following:

Squadron CO:

- behavior of his pilots during the event.

- report anticipated participation numbers of his squadron to the TOD team before the event.

- review and accept 2 or less guest applications for the event.

-find and report to the CM team one volunteer from the squadron to lead ( C.O. ) one TOD frame.

- when it is that pilots turn to C.O. a TOD and he is unable, then the squadron must find a replacement or risk being removed from the participation list.

- assuring that pilots in his squadron are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities in relation to the TOD event.  This includes orders/plane/field assignments.


- Report for the frame at an appropriate time, (on the hour or before). The frame will start 5 minutes after the hour whether C.O.'s are ready or not.

- take steps to find out plane/field/orders assignments for the frame.

- be familiar and always obey by the rules of the event.


- Read and understand all the rules as they pertain to the current event ( TOD )

- receive and review the mission list as send by CM Team.

- assign the squadrons to the missions as sees fit. Ensure that squadron COs are notified well in advance of the frame.

- find/recruit the GCI coverage during the frame as necessary.

 7. Penalties

- Since the event is limited to the squadrons on "first come / first serve" basis, the following rules will be strictly enforced.

- squadron is required to attend with at least 66% of their promised pilots regardless of the aircraft assigned .

- squadron's TOD C.O. if picked has to perform his duties in responsible and timely manner.

 - personal behavior of the pilots in the arena will be put to highest standard of honor and good sportsmanship. C.O.'s will have to deal with the disruptive pilots from their squadrons.

- if any of the above rules is abused, squadron may be asked to leave the series.

8. TOD and CM's

- TOD team will be composed of the members of the regular HTC CM crew and may or may not be rotated on a regular basis in each 3 or 4 week TOD.

- Each CM will hold one of three positions for their TOD. Admin CM, Mission CM, and Setup CM.

- CM's will be allowed to fly in TOD since all their work is done prior to the event.

- Any problems during the TOD frame will be addressed by the Setup CM for that TOD.

It is the hopes of the CM team that the TOD will become a successful and regular weekly event.  If you have any questions about the TOD please ask them in the Special Events General Forum.

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