Author Topic: Monday Night Madness/ava staff night--6/22/20 at 8pm EST in the AVA arena  (Read 37 times)

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Monday Night Madness

8pm EST in the AVA arena

Monday Night madness is like going to your favorite bar! its fun, its exciting

all your friends are there, and everyone talked to each other!

We use all midwar planes only. some are easy mode, some are not.

join us for Monday Night Madness in the AVA starting at 8pm EST.

every week there are more and more players coming to check this out!

Pilots are trying to fly in the fog, between buildings,

all the while checking your 6, gets very very intense. plane parts flying everywhere!!

If you're not that good, don't worry about it. we'll help you get better.

It"s great for training, for situational awareness and how

to become a better pilot. it will help you whip some butt in the MA! you wont be sorry.

Hot pilot to beat this week is perdweeb, for being the best pilot in Monday night madness last week!

come in and see if you can take that title from him! he's almost very good! 

vox is 223


Ceiling 4k

friendly icons 3K

enemy icons 1K

see you tonight at 8pm!  <S>