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Hi guys,

So I have had the game for over 6 months I think now and with each new update everything seemed fine but with the latest update, I have had some interface issues.

I use VR and I have the chat window lower down to my left. I used to be able to place the chat window further back than my cockpit but now it won't move any further back than the edge of the cockpit window. And the text seems stretched.

Secondly, since the new update, my little white information display that shows g force, altitude, airspeed, direction, etc was always at head height and slightly to the right, outside of the cockpit. Now it is almost above my head.

The third thing is something that has been since I started using the game. When I load up the game through the oculus library, it opens a window with very strange dimensions. It is also in portrait orientation. Then when I click into an arena without putting my headset on, the orientation and window size change to full screen landscape. And as most who use the oculus know, that when you take your headset off and on it switches between these two modes, and there is a setting to stop that from happening. So what I would like to know about this is, how can we change the resolution of the portrait window when the headset is on, to be full screen, without stretching or rescaling. As when I try to screen capture of the headset window it either has two whacking great black bars either side, as the vertical dimension is the greater. Or I have to rescale it horizontally to look awfully stretched and distorted. The AH oculus mirror provided in the game folder is not a satisfactory replacement.

And just out of curiosity why is it that strange resolution and orientation, when many other games output the oculus in a landscape format?

Thanks for your time guys

Kind regards

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Re: A few things to do with oculus window layout and the new update...
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I use OBS for capture and rather than do a game capture I do a window capture of oculus mirror. Oculus mirror can be configured to show only one eye and stretch the Xand Y dimensions as you like.

As to the locations of your stuff in AH look in clipboard/preferences/GUI. When you have that up you'll see darker areas where those windows are. You can drag them around as you like.

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