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For training, practice, or for fun. You can do it both ways, Option 2 doesn't force you into a bomber at launch.

1# To launch by yourself -

Open AH3, Go to Offline Missions - At the top, select filters - Specials - This will bring up the Special Missions - scroll down until see you see Fortress Europe - There is every FE mission, including those made by CaptTrips.

You can use any of mine, Bremen, Frankfurt, Wilhelmshaven by clicking on them and selecting a Flight from the drop down. (You can only select the bombers) and then click OK. It will ask you for a password: TEST or Test (try both) they are different for some.

That will launch the mission in a B-17 bomber. From there you can bail out and up a fighter from Germany or Britain, you may have to edit the fields and settings to get airborne.

2# To create a Custom Arena -

Open AH3, Go to Online Arenas, then Create Arena. Create your custom arena using the rhnland summer terrain. Once it opens up you can follow nearly the same procedures above to launch the mission by going to Staged Missions, Select Missions - Special Filter...

Next go to Populate Missions and deselect every option except "Participation Optional"

Now click on Start Mission and the mission will launch after a short countdown. You will probably have to adjust some settings and fields to get flight open with the aircraft of your choice.

Any questions, please ask!

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