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July 2020 KOTH Results.
« on: August 04, 2020, 09:47:42 PM »
July KOTH was under two hours and we flew six rounds. We had 14 people flying in the event and 2 wabbits. Lazer pulled it out in the end so -{S}- and Congratulations to Lazer for winning and he chose the C.202 for August's first ride.

Round by round results:
1} Simon in a P-51B
2} Simon in a F4U-1A   {Wabbit}
3} Eagler in a F4U-4
4} Lazer in a Bf 109F-4
5} Lazer in a P-38J   {Wabbit}
6} Lazer wins in a P-38G

TOC reservations were earned by Lazer and Simon
Top killers were Lazer-20, Simon-12, Eagler-6, HORRIDO1-5, Slammer-4.
Logs can be found at along with results.

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Re: July 2020 KOTH Results.
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Great fun!

Thanks for hosting fuzeman!