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Weekend Events (Dec 7 - 9)
« on: December 07, 2001, 07:59:00 AM »
Ladies and Gentlemen,

This Friday night we are hosting the 3rd Frame of “Clearing the Philippines”. It will take place at the usual time of 11 PM Eastern on Friday. TOD’s are squad only events, but if you would like to participate visit the TOD pages and contact a squad about a guest slot. Many squads would welcome other pilots. Skernsk and Sling are the Admin and Setup CM’s for this event.

On Saturday wilbuz is hosting a Snapshot at 3 PM Eastern, “V1 Raid”. See the events calendar for details. We have several other Snapshots listed for the next few Saturday’s. These will be hosted until we start the Saturday TOD early next year.

On Sunday we have our initial frames of BIG WEEK! First frame is at 2 PM Eastern, Second frame is at 4 PM Eastern. Nash and Dowding are the head CM’s for this event. You can find details of this event on the calendar.

Last Wednesday Fester won the Wild Wednesday!   :) His choice for next Wednesday the 12th is the Mosquito!   :) Wild Wednesday’s take place at 10 PM Eastern in the Special Events Arena.

Come join the fun!     :) Check here for details of all our events.
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To be added to the AH Special Events E -Mail List do one of the following.

1. Send an Email to
2. Go to the web site and register -

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