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Pac rim mini event - Norvice Wolfer
« on: November 11, 2000, 09:16:00 AM »
We are planning small event this sunday morning (12/Nov JST21:00 - GMT12:00 - EST07:00).
Tommorow frames are some sort of practice. I will open next week again.

Walk on is free.Welcomr join us  
(You could walk early hehe   )


Novice Wolfer

Date: 12/Nov/2000 (Sun)  21:00(JST) 12:00(GMT) 07:00(EST)

Background: 19 Aug 1942, Royal Navy ships were crossing Dover for Operation Jubille, First attempt to brake through the west wall. Ju88 rolled to sink ships with awsome fighter Fw190s. On the other, RAF took in Spits, some of them are brand new Spit IXs - made for wolf hunts.

Arena: SEA

Forces: Luftwaffe - RAF

Luftwaffe (Bishop) - 50% or more of attendees.

Fw190A5 at A30. No ord.
Ju88 at A7. Ord. selection is free.  

Ju88 - Bombing transport fleet (City buildings 10.6.5). And return to A7,A30 or A31 within 45min.
Fw190s - Escort Ju88s. Sweep all spits from 10.6 sector.

Ju88s number is minimum 3, Co added number of Jus freely.
1sortie.No refuel.
Fw190s take off T+5min.
Don't strafe city buildings with guns, bombing only.

RAF (Rook) -50% or less of attendees.

SpitV at A27.
SpitIX at A20. (SpitIX population is decided by CM before start.)

Block LWs bombing on ships(City 10.6.5). Shot down JUs. Leave 1at least a Spit on 10.6 Sector at finish (T+45).

SpitVs take off T+5min.

Fuel: 1.00.
Icons: Short.
Radar: Bar counter only.
Flack lethality: Minimum.

* City belongs to Knight. Therfore City acks fire both sides.

Victory Conditions:
When finish (T+45min) ...
Bombing success / Ju88 landed  : LW complete win
Bombing success / Ju88 eliminated / No spit on 10.6area : LW normal win
Bombing success / Ju88 eliminated : Draw
Bombing failed / No spit on 10.6 area : Draw
Bombing failed / Ju88 landed / At least 1 Spit left on 10.6 area : RAF normal win
Bombing failed / Ju88 eliminated / At least 1 spit left on 10.6 area : RAF complete win

Designer's notes:
First half of event will be forcused upon eliminate/escort Ju88s. Last half of event, Fw sweeping spits will be forcused.
Historical unit infomation - Fw190A3(JG26) SpitV(133SQ, 401SQ) SpitIX(64SQ)

Planing & CM: Dazs ( Pac Rim CM team)

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