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November 2020 KOTH Results.
« on: November 21, 2020, 08:55:58 PM »
November was your generic KOTH going just over ninety minutes with only 6 rounds. We had 15 folks flying, including the host for the first time in a while, with our single wabbit winning it, of course.
Congratulations and -{S}- to Violator for the win. The B mustang was chosen to close out the year as December's chariot of battle.
We do have a TOC list on and it's time I post one here as I think most still get their KOTH information from the AH Boards.

Round by round results:
1} train45 in a Bf 109G-2
2} Violator in a FM2
3} Owl in a P-40E
4} Violator in a N1K2-J   {Wabbit}
5} Eagler in a C.202
6} Violator wins in a Bf 109F-4

TOC reservation for our one wabbit, Violator.
Top 5 killers were Violator-16, Eagler-13, Owl-7, train45 and vinkman-5.
Logs can be found at along with results.
November's average KOTH round lasted 11 minutes or so.
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