Author Topic: Re-set the 2-week trial after a year (or 6 months?)  (Read 389 times)

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Re: Re-set the 2-week trial after a year (or 6 months?)
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we would have more players if the sheep came back. 

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Re: Re-set the 2-week trial after a year (or 6 months?)
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Um, it's Guthree ;)

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Re: Re-set the 2-week trial after a year (or 6 months?)
« Reply #32 on: November 20, 2020, 08:58:01 AM »
Like HBO occasionally has free weekends where you can watch even if you are not a subscriber.  Repeatedly at least once a year it seems like.  That might be an alternative approach.  You could control that more.  Choose time when people will be home live Memorial day weekend or Thanksgiving or Xmas week.  Have a free week that anyone can play even if they had already had a trial before.  That has the marketing advantage of a limited time offer that might get it spread around.  Also, this approach wouldn't be something you would have to commit to long term.  You can choose when to have a free AH week when and if you want or never again.  The key would be to advertise it well in advance so word can spread before the event.


This strategy works on me often.  I played alot of Final Fantasy XI and XIV in the day and I'll see Facebook ads every year that offer a free week for old players to logon again and play for 96 hours or something to that effect.  It gets me everytime, I'm curious to see my character again, get hooked and sub for a month before I wash out again and come back to Aces High.  It might be hard to target old players on Facebook, i'm not sure what targeting mechanisms are available these days, but I think there are thousands of old players out there that moved on to other games but would come back for nostalgia for atleast a month if they were reminded that the game exists for a free weekend/week.

I think the biggest thing that needs to happen is a rebrand/rename to get back on steam with fresh reviews.  If the game wasnt branded as free to play with a bait and switch, most of those negative reviews wouldnt be posted and the game would see much higher traffic of new players trying it out.  It was also a disaster for VR players to get through the UI.  Fix the problems identified in the negative comments and a re-release on Steam could make a whole lot of sense.
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