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Change eye displayed by game VR mirror
« on: May 20, 2021, 01:11:19 PM »
I've noticed in game capture it's only displaying the left eye. This would generally be fine but I noticed that with the planes that have a gun sight physically offset to the right, like the LW birds, adjusting the head position so you're looking straight thru the sight still doesn't look right. As if you're bending way over to look down the sight with the wrong eye. Any shot it could be switched to the right eye? Or even an option?

I don't use Steam for AH but the Steam VR mirror has options to display either right, left or both eyes. That both eyed view is the split screen two-eyed view. Pretty useless for me. Two other two options are pretty cool that display both eyes with either right or left eye dominant that blends the views together giving an improved FOV. But the Steam mirror would be for window capture which works but is a drag on performance.
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