Author Topic: Target for Today: 2nd Battle of El Alamein - 12PM EST SEA2  (Read 73 times)

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Target for Today: 2nd Battle of El Alamein - 12PM EST SEA2
« on: July 01, 2021, 07:29:59 PM »

The hot desert sands of the Sahara burn your skin as you look across the desolate plains of North Africa. You head over to the CP for briefing.

Your group leader pulls out a chart and points to a spot in the middle of nowhere and says, "Okay Chaps here is the "TARGET FOR TODAY"!

Welcome one and all to this edition of "Target for Today!

We hope that you will join us by registering for the Axis or the Allies side in this fun 8-hour aerial combat adventure.

The adventure starts on July 31, 2021, at 12 noon and lasts until 9 pm est.

Grab your squaddies and friends and get your squadron ready to do battle in the skies over the desert sands of El Alamein.

Register here!

Event Write -Up here!

As you register for your side, the Side CM will be adding new team members to the correct forums.

If you do not see the forum for your side. Please ask for access in the appropriate space.

Have fun and enjoy the event!
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