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Wish list
« on: August 09, 2021, 07:13:46 PM »
Hello. My wish list.
Strats go down for 180 minutes, I would like to see a 20 min resup time (not 10) for C47 & M3.
I would like to see gv spawns from non-capturable bases to strats, with in 5 min travel time. Also a brown/dirt path that avoids trees.   
Single bombers, (realistic) not 3, would need 2 guys to white flag a town.
If a GV can get resupped, why not a plane repaired on the rearm pad, with a 5 min wait time?   
Please no spawns across the water, Island to Island & 3/4 way across the map.   
When a ship is sunk, when placing mouse on the ship icon it should say "unable to fly from that base".   
And last, it seems like the bomber gun power & plane toughness is turned way up.   SkiShill