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My Christmas Wish list
« on: December 02, 2022, 01:03:01 PM »
Dear Santa,

This is what I would like to see be developed in Aces High III:

- Wish nearby 88mm AA explosions would 'shake' the cockpit view momentarily, along with explosion and rattle/shrapnel sound effects

- Wish ships could get crippled by damage, i.e.  list to one side, tilt bow or stern down, stop in place, etc

- Would like fire to cause damage to vehicle so tanks cant sit in burning VHs for cover

- Would like country voice channel to hear all TXing of players on a country's side.  Could add some excitement upon logging in

- Would like ability to load maps larger than 512x512 into clipboard, with zooming and panning functions available (for scenario mission maps)

- Would like a position on roof of tower to watch airfield operations

- Would like to be able to shoot colored flares from pilot position, tank commander position, and tower balcony or rooftop position.

- Would like external view for GVs enabled; so I can inspect all the marvelous and detailed skins available for GVs while online in the game.  I like doing virtual 'walk-arounds' of A/C to appreciate the skin's detail - would like same ability with GVs.

- Would like to be able to exit/re-enter GVs, and have binocular-style zoom view.  External figure could be the paratroop soldier.

- Would like multiple spawns along edge of runway so planes do not spawn on top of one another

- Would like VBase spawns from undestroyed hangars only, so GVs could not spawn inside burning hangar

- Would like freighter convoys as targets; they can move supplies to ports and dock there while unloading

- Would like more trains, RR yards, RR tunnels through mountains, and tough but destroyable RR bridges.

- Would like torpedo tracks much more visible in the water

And a very Merry Christmas to your and yours, sir!

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Re: My Christmas Wish list
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2022, 03:54:43 PM »
A "torpedo" cam would also be a nice addition, if only to see if my fish hit after being shot down. :noid
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