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KOTH Tournament of Champions - 3PM EST/8PM UTC SEA2
« on: February 11, 2023, 12:46:29 PM »
Who will be be Aces High's Champion of King of the Hill?

We'll close out the 2022 KOTH season with our Tournament Of Champions in SEA II on 26 February 2023 starting at 3 pm ET, 2 pm CT,1 pm MT,12 pm PT, 8PM UTC
This is an invitation only event but generally I leave CM Eye on as long as it doesn't disrupt the fights.
Going to add all previous TOC winners for this one and we see who comes out on top.
From 2022 we have:
Winners: Eagler, ReddFoxx, Rud3boi, StepSis, tdgShane, trogdor
Wabbits or Kills:  Chewie, HORRIDO1, Lazer, LeonTwnk, Mom, Rascal43, Sawzaw, TC, THRASH99, Violator, Vlkyrie1
And previous TOC winners: 2021 Eagler, 2020 Lazer, 2019 ULDutchieV, 2018 Violator, 2017 JOACH1M, 2016 Thrila, 2015 Krupinski, 2014 Violator, 2013 JOACH1M, 2012 pervert, 2011 ?, 2010 Bruv119, 2009 Kazaa, 2008 Bruv119, 2007 kappa,  2006 BluKitty.

Winner will get three free months of Aces High credited to their account.
Eagler won last year and chose the Bf 109F-4 for our first chariot of battle.

Hope to see as many of you guys as possible that can make it. The more the merrier, and the better the fights.
Plenty of great dogfights to watch in CM Eye also, guaranteed better than either TOP Gun movie!!

>>>Special Event Rules in effect!!  <<<
    All players fly the same plane type
    One life without rearms per round, Fight to the death,
    Winner of the round chooses the next plane
    Repeat until someone wins three rounds,
     which do not need to be in a row.
>> Not going with any added wins for previous winners, so three round wins will be enough for victory. <<
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