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RHAF Ju 88A-4
« on: March 11, 2023, 04:57:42 AM »
Thanks to Lyric1 for finding me the info for this skin.

When the Hungarians joined the Axis powers in their war on Russia in 1941 their armed forces had a collection of mostly obsolescent aircraft such as the Italian Caproni Ca. 135 light bomber. This aircraft had been rejected by the Regia Aeronautica before the war but with most European powers rearming their own air forces pre-war this was all they could get. By late 1942 these had become increasingly unreliable so the surviving two squadrons of Ca 135s from the 4th Regiment were withdrawn from Russia to re-equip with German aircraft. 4./1 "Witch" Squadron spent the winter of 42/43 retraining on ex-Luftwaffe Ju 88A-4s and began operations in Russia with these in the spring. At this time the Hungarian Army's air arm was split off to become the Royal Hungarian Air Force who decided to reorganise their squadrons. So 4./1 Bomber Squadron became 102./1 Bomber Squadron and by the end of the 1943 they had amassed around 1,000 sorties with their new aircraft.

This 102./1 Ju 88A-4 coded B +09 had the squadron's Witch emblem painted on the nose and the Hungarian national markings painted over the Luftwaffe markings on the wings, tail and fuselage.

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Re: RHAF Ju 88A-4
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Re: RHAF Ju 88A-4
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Very nice Greebo
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Re: RHAF Ju 88A-4
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Excellent job.
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Re: RHAF Ju 88A-4
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Striking skin, Greebo.   :aok

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Re: RHAF Ju 88A-4
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Back after a loooooong break. Old name Ratpack1 same for the BBS.

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Re: RHAF Ju 88A-4
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Quite impressive.
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Re: RHAF Ju 88A-4
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Very nice!  Really diggin that Yellow!  :rock
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