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More questions
« on: March 17, 2023, 08:25:47 PM »
 Bad news, remember that 100 dollar stick and pedals I was yapping about? Well it was never shipped and got cancelled. Curse that seller. Put in a new order. Another week wait. :devil

 In the mean time I lost all my old acm links and the forums that I used to go to are sadly closed.

 Does anyone have any good acm links or acm reading material to share?

 Also, I have a Oculus Quest 2 on the way. Is there anything you guy recommend that I can get a jump on with that in regard to performance or resolution? Any tips to spend less time setting up and more time playing? I have been out of the pc world for more than 10 years

 Thanks in advance

     - :pray

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Re: More questions
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