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Idea for next scenario
« on: November 27, 2000, 03:10:00 PM »
The Deadliest Front

How about a western front scenario that will be dependent on losses etc... for instance if 8th AF lost too many bombers they couldn't continue the strategic bombing campaign.

Frame 1: Channel coast (1941) Aircraft: 109F4s, Spit5, Blenhiem, beufighter, Ju88, rhubarbs, rodeos and frei jagd.  The "Channel Dash".

Frame 2: Before the Beachead(1943) The Americans just start taking strategic bombing seriously and there is still some sparatic fights between the British and Germans over the channel, however, attention is focused into defense of the reich. Aircraft: 190A5, Bf 109G6, G2, B17F(G), B24D(possibly Lanc?), Me 410, Me 110, P47C, Spitfire IX.

Frame 3: The Invasion Front. The allies have successfully secured the Normandy beachhead and are advancing steadily.  The Jagdgwaffe has been neutralised as a threat over France, however, the Jagdgwaffe still mounts sorties and continues to destroy approximatly the same ammount of allied planes as they lose, but is losing experienced pilots.  Aircraft: 190A8, A5, 109G6, Me 410, P47D, P51D, B17G, B24 and ground units fighting near normandy.

Frame 4 "Wonder weapons" late 1944, the Germans are losing a war of attrition, operation Bodenplatte is a failure and losses are heavy, however the Luftwaffe is sporting new weapons in the form of Jets.  (Recreation of operation Bodenplatte, the Ardennes offensive) Aircraft: Me 109G10, Fw 190A8, 190D9, Me 109G6, Me 262.  P47D, P51D, Spitfire XIV, SpitfireIX.

Frame 5 "End of the Reich" April-May 1945: Its the final days of the third reich, the airspace around Berlin is filled with Soviet fighters that approached from the east and American fighters from the west. Aircraft: Bf 109G10, Me 262, Fw190D9, Ta152H-1, 190A8 P47D, P51D, Yak9U, La7, B17G, B24, Tu2, Pe2.

9./JG 54 "Grünherz"

"It felt as if an angel was pushing..."
-Reponse of Gen. Adolf Galland after flying the fourth prototype Me 262 in May 1943.

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Idea for next scenario
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2000, 04:51:00 PM »
 The last meeting the CM Multi Frame team had we talked about running a Big Week scenario running day and night bombing raids into the Reich,then we need to do a PTO event before we return to ETO.

 But if you want to do a full write up for this one I`m sure we can get it in eventually.  


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Idea for next scenario
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