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Re: Heat issue?
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Most certainly lower as I discovered after removing the original cpu cooler and fan, it had a high-pitched whine that was missing with the new set. I imagine the noise will go lower with quality case fans as well.
Again, the lesson I learned was just to build rigs myself. Go see what other folks are doing for rigs in applications similar to yours and build based on that. Hazmatt told me that but I didnít listen.

Iíll continue to monitor temps as it has become a weird little hobby.

Glad to see you got it all worked out.

They only reason I lean to building your own is because some of these companies will put their own powers supplies and garbage in there that makes it hard to swap out will off the shelf components as well as putting garbage in a normal size case that limits the size of the GPU that you can put in it.
I bought two of those CORSAIR Vengeance C70 Mid-Tower Cases like 10 years ago that I've been using because of having run into space issues. I'm not sure what the current iteration of these are but I've had no complaints if you're in the market for a case.