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Thank you to Lyric1 for finding me the info for this skin, which is my first Sherman M4A4/75mm. I'll be doing templates for the other two Shermans at some point in the future. The AH Sherman 75mm is pretty good detail and shape wise but the textures are applied in annoying ways and it has a few shape and lighting bugs. Most annoying of these are the tracks, the outer faces of which do not reflect light, making them appear black.

"Hurricane" was the 2nd tank of H Company of the 66th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division. It was photographed twice during the Normandy campaign, once as it disembarked from an LST a couple of days after D Day and once undergoing an engine change at Le Teilleul on the southern border of Normandy, probably some time in August. In the first photo the tank was plain olive drab with large "H 2" codes painted on the turret sides in yellow. In the second it had acquired a disruptive camo scheme of black over the olive drab with the turret letters had been painted over.

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Re: Hurricane
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Very nice.
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Re: Hurricane
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Very nice Greebo! :aok
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Re: Hurricane
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