Author Topic: The coolest I have done for a long time.  (Read 354 times)

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The coolest I have done for a long time.
« on: November 01, 1999, 06:03:00 PM »
Gunnery on the B17, I finaly took the B17 out for a spin, I has only flown the spit so far.

After some climbing I got up to 17-18K and I was lining up for the Bombrun, then I saw a Spit climbing for me at my low 6.
So I jumped Into my rear gunner seat and waited until he was closer than D1, then I fired away with all I got, man it was cool, I saw flashes all over his plane, he was twisting and turning to avoid my bullets, but he didnt have a chance, I cut his left wing right off, he went into a spin, and I was credited for the kill.

After this dropped my eggs, and turned for home, after this I actually hoped another con would try to get me, but I wasn`t that lucky  

Sad but true, I didnt get home safe, but not thanks to the enemy, but thanks to my Pilot skills, I was turning for Final approach on rwy when I turned a tad to hard and my plane `winged` over, and I hit the ground with my nose first, and trust me, that aint no way to land a B17  

However, the point is: The buff gunnery system in AH is the best I ever has seen, and I cant wait until the next time a con tries to take my B17 Down    

P.S. Pyro, How is it going with my Lancaster ?  

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