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Advertisements on web and/or game?
« on: January 29, 2000, 08:57:00 AM »
I've seen many small web pages attract advertisers.  I would think the crew here could make some extra money by doing so.  It works well when they restrict it to relevant advertisements such as WWII aviation books, scale models, relevant game companies, etc.  Things that we would be interested in as a WWII flight-sim gaming community.  I frequent a forum on the Audi A4  or  that handles it well.  All of their advertiseres are Audi related and I have bought from many of them.  It wouldn't work if they let advertisers have influence or if they let on advertisers of unrelated products.  It is also probably harder to manage than it sounds and it's probably hard to attract advertisers at this early stage.  It may allow them to change the cost structure in the future though, reducing the end cost to the user.  Please don't flame, but I love when advertisers pay my bills for me.    BTW, I don't think $30 per month is that bad but I'm waiting for some new gaming features to set this sim apart from the other big 2 which I have played to death.  An integrated ground battle would be excellent.  I'm pretty tired of the base capture setup.