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« on: September 08, 2000, 03:38:00 PM »
Saw that armor3 is recomending !GoZilla to everybody as a way to resume broken downloads & seeing as there are a lot of people DLing today (<S> HTC   ), a lot of people might be tempted to install it.

Feel free, but beware, !GoZilla is proven to be spyware, gathering info about your surfing & selling it to subscribers without your knowledge. It can hog your bandwith too sometimes (several WBer's I know complained heartily about poorer connections after installing it). Worst of all, it ain't all that easy to get rid off, should you want too. There's a pretty good prog. called OptOut from   as well as documentation on their site about spyware. If it doesn't do the whole trick tho, you would have to get in there & edit your system registry (not fun, trust me).

I'm not saying !GoZilla doesn't help repair interrupted DL's & possibly speed em up sometimes, but thought everybody might like to know it brings along some of it's own baggage for the trip.

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