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Weekly Events (Feb 7-13)
« on: February 06, 2003, 11:40:23 PM »
Ladies and Gentlemen:

This will be my last post in the Special Events Announcement BB. I am stepping down as Head CM and handing it over to flossy. It has been a pleasure working behind the scenes and designing the Snapshots and TOD’s for about 2 ½ years now. I will stay on as a CM, but no longer in any leadership position. The CM team has a rule that Head CM’s only stay in that position for one year so others can have a chance to try out their ideas.  I want to thank all the players who has supported all our Special Events despite our blunders. Also thanks to HTC who have generously listened to our requests and supplied all the tools we use to design and manage our events.

This Friday at 11 PM Eastern and Sunday at 3 PM Eastern we are hosting the Snapshot Yamamoto’s Revenge. Details can be found here.

This Saturday is of course the long awaited BATTLE FOR NIEMEN!
The Dates:
· Frame 1 Sat 8th Feb 15.00 EST 20.00 UK
· Frame 2 Sat 15th Feb 15.00 EST 20.00 UK
· Frame 3 Sat 22st Feb 15.00 EST 20.00 UK
· Frame 4 Sat 1st Mar 15.00 EST 20.00 UK
· @ T - 60 Flight prohibited. Walk ons to dueling arena
· @ T - 30 initial briefing. Walk on doors open
· @ T - 15 final briefing. Walk on doors closed
· @ T = 0 launch. Start logs
· @ T + 15 players out of "uniform"will be ejected.
· @ T + 150 end frame
· @ T + 170 end logs
For more information go to

The Snapshot next Wednesday the 12th is Mersa Matruh Road at the usual time of 10 PM Eastern.

And next Thursday the 13th we are starting the first weekly Euro friendly time Snapshot at 3 PM Eastern. :D Kieffer is the event with details here.

When Niemen is over you can expect the Friday and Sunday TOD’s to start up and for the popular Saturday CAP to begin again.  Snapshots will be consistently on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s from now on.

Events logs thanks to gremlin can be found here.

Calendar of Events.

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To be added to the AH Special Events E -Mail List do one of the following.

1. Send an Email to
2. Go to the web site and register -
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