Author Topic: Patience wearing thin  (Read 357 times)

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Patience wearing thin
« on: December 08, 2000, 09:19:00 PM »
  I weathered the storm regarding paying 3 times more than some people in the sim.  I have taken each version changes without much complaint (altho I do agree with some on this board that all is not well in mudville)
But I cannot continue to pay for a sim that I cannot stay connected to.  My isp is fine the problem lies here, I seem to get major spikes while connected to the host, I know Pyro has posted they are having problems but I wish those would be fixed soon as I feel paying 30.00 a month to fly "beta" terrian is enough to put up with WITHOUT being also asked to only "fly" when the net permits.  The net is NOT my problem, but rather the "providers" problem (I have no clout with the backbone folks since I don't PAY them).  I guess maybe I might be alittle more
"understanding" if I knew the results of the "payment testing" and what HTC plans are reguarding that issue, but like the presidential election we get NO news and now we are getting "at times" NO SIM "could not connect to the host".  I do realize that if one is posturing to "go public" then the numbers must be up and I figured that was what was up with the "pricing debacule" and let it go to see it run its' course, but I cannot dismis this connection thing much longer.