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Operation Iceberg - The Battle for Okinawa
« on: July 15, 2003, 08:03:26 AM »
Operation Iceberg - The Battle for Okinawa - An Aces High Scenario

Registration opens here

On Saturday 19th July at 15.00 CT.

For more information go here

On Easter Sunday 1945 the Allies launched the greatest Naval attack in
history upon the Island of Okinawa and its environs.

Bitter fighting ensued over the coming 6 weeks with fanatically defended ground hard won by the Allies.

This scenario introduces the might of the US Pacific fleet, with a
contingent of the British Commonwealth Pacific fleet, and pits it against the determined resistance of The Imperial Japanese forces, intent upon reaping a heavy price for every Allied gain.

It will unleash the threat of the Kamikaze upon the decks of the US carriers some of which in turn support some of the latest aircraft to delivered by Messer's Grumman, Vought and Goodyear.

It will feature the Naval bombardment, amphibious landings, ground war and the vital air support required in order to reap success for either side.

This multi - role scenario provides action and immersion through out each frame whether you be Allied or Axis, humble pilot or Squadron leader, your missions will be vital to the success of your side.

Registration will be open for two weeks on a first come first serve basis.

This scenario is brought to you by the Aces High Scenario Team.

Lead CM for Operation Iceberg............. Aub
AW - AH Pilot 199? - 200?
Pulled out of Mothballs for DGS Allied Bomber Group Leader :)

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