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Reporting Bugs
« on: October 15, 2003, 03:42:47 PM »
AH2 Open Beta
The open beta of AH2 is now available for download. It's about 37 MB.

Aces High II Version 1.99 Open Beta

The Beta version of AH2 will install in a separate directory and can be launched from Start/Program Files/HTC/Aces High II. Installation of the Beta will not affect your existing Aces High install. The beta only supports offline play.

The purpose of this limited open beta version is to test core level functionality and performance across a wide spectrum of hardware configurations. We're interested in lockups, crashes, major rendering errors, and frame-rate. Please make your reports in the AH2 Beta bug forum on our message board. Please refrain from reporting minor bugs (like tracers or some gauges not displaying correctly) at this time. We'll be soliciting reports for those and gameplay issues in subsequent versions of the beta. When making reports please include your system specs.

It would be very beneficial to get the video card make/model/ram and driver version information as you report bugs.  Thank you.
Roy "Skuzzy" Neese