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Alpha Patch 68 download (July 28,2015)
« on: July 23, 2015, 02:03:00 PM »
Welcome to the alpha Patch 68.  This was built and released on July 28, 2015.

Test goals:
With a change we made to the LOD system, many planes could have minor display issues.

Set your default Field of view to 152 and in the graphics options set your detail level to fastest, I.E. Left.
This set the system to it's lowest detail level.

Then jump into every plane and look for missing parts. Things like gun turrets could be missing.

WE HAVE HAD ALMOST ZERO FEED BACK ON OUR PREVIOUS TEST GOALS. Please try and report on the following.

Test the mouse commander mode, simply unplug your stick before starting the game.  The commander mode has been further refined for this release.  Feedback would be welcome.

Also try out the Head Angle saving of the forward view. To set it, enter mouse view (Shift H) move your head to desired angle and position, and press F10.

To set it back Press HOME then F10

Action: Fixed the view direction save using F8 I.E. Pan mode.
Action: Fixed an issue which caused double clicking of joystick buttons to not always work correctly in the Control Map Dialog.
Action: Changed the direction in the "Graphic Detail" of the top 2 sliders. Now right is high detail on all sliders.
Action: Fixed a bug that would cause the clutter to jump when you crossed a clutter cell boundary (note this is not the stutter issue).
Action: Fixed issues with LOD such as tower disappearing.
Action: Fixed an issue that was causing holes in the terrain with the tank town.
Action: The clip board position in now saved separately for different types of hangars (I.E. CV and Ground).
Action: When the fixed FOV changes, for places such as the CV hangar, the clip boards position is adjusted for it.
Action: CV path arrow heads now scale with zooming of the map.
Action: When reflections are disabled the river/lake water still reflect the sky.
Action: Pennant Icons are now centered at the base of the poll, instead of the center of the icon. I.E. Fly to the base of the poll , you will find the pennant.
Action: Removed the "Black Rock" object that was in the tank town tile.
Action: In steal the sheep, people who are invulnerable will have yellow icons, and also there guns will be disabled.
Action: Fixed a terrain editor bug causing it to crash on a V2 conversion.
Action: Made the text slightly bigger on the clip board map.
Action: Included some missing dll's that are used to play mp3 files.

Additional Information:

Use the ".psave filename" command to save your position in the terrain/world.  If you do not provide a file name, then file will be saved as "cmepos.txt" in the "settings" folder.  Thank you!

State of the Dev Cave!
We have a few items left for us to convert / rewrite to the new system.

1) Clouds.
2) Road/ train system.

So we are now interested in people posting any smaller stuff they see. Some of the smaller stuff I know about are:
a) No wakes.

Thanks for the help with the creation of AH3.

HiTech & Crew


Patch File from previous version to this one:
Alpha Version Patch 67 to Patch 68
If you need the full install, then use:
Full Version 0.01 Patch 68.
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