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Re: Two sides
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Me thinks you two are not reading each others posts properly .... hmmm   maybe it's me

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Re: Two sides
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No, the game is whatever Hitech codes to to be.

Code isn't chiseled in stone for a reason.  It is meant to be changed when need you need to improve things.


Yup.  And to his credit Hitech HAS made some bold changes--like the new dar settings (which I love).
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Re: Two sides
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.Might have misread.
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Re: Two sides
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The game should ENCOURAGE furball action as part of taking bases, otherwise rename it TANKS LOW.

Possibly you have forgotten the days when we had hundreds of players, and entire squadrons focused on NOE missions against undefended bases.  Plainly that did not encourage furball action, yet many here consider those to be the golden days of AH.

Semp is making the point that the game caters to all, including those who want to accomplish something, yet recognize that their skills are not comparable to those who are more experienced.  If you want them to go play online games...well...fine:  I think many are actually doing that.  I don't believe we benefit from their absence.

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