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Definition of a Modern Day Hero
« on: February 14, 2020, 09:53:41 AM »
Back in good ole 1984, a little film was release called Cloak and Dagger.  Cold war espionage film centered around a 11 year old boy and the new genre of video games.  Starring Henry Thomas (Elliot from E.T.) and Dabney Coleman as his Air Force Tech Sgt. father.  Coleman doubled as Jack Flack, the imaginary spy friend of henry Thomas's character.

Dabney Coleman gives a speech while as the father character late in the film.

Davey, when I was a kid. I was exactly like you are. I wanted to be a hero. That's why I joined the Air Force. So I could be somebody. Let me tell you something Davey. Heroes don't just shoot bad guys. They put supper on the table. They fix bicycles. They do boring things. Real things not make believe. I hope you'll understand that when you get a little bit older.

36 years later, the simple truth of those small lines still carry great weight.  Remember this little tidbit in any future real life conversations with some of our youth mesmerized with today's infatuation of super heroes and the like....  Over the years, I have borrowed from this little movie in talking with the younger generation.

I was once 11 years old too and wanted to be the Big Hero.  In 1984, I was 11 years old plus my dad was in the Air Force also.

Go ahead and add some more definitions.
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