Author Topic: USB Button box support for plug n play devices  (Read 962 times)

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Re: USB Button box support for plug n play devices
« Reply #15 on: March 16, 2021, 02:05:50 PM »
It seems to me stuff like Gremlin's main usage would be for macros.  You don't need to consolidate to 1 controller for most sim type games that I have seen.

Although having said that, the one thing I miss from having a full X52 is the ability to do shift states between the throttle and the stick.  As it stands now with me using an X52 throttle and a VKB stick, I can't do multiple-button macros between them, it would either need to be both buttons on the stick, or both buttons on the throttle. 

I wonder if I could get that functionality through Gremlin.  I don't really have a pressing need for it, but it might be ok someday, or maybe my throttle needs to have an "accident".  :devil

I haven't even touched the profiler for my VKB stick.  I was proficient with the X52 software, but the VKB one is frankly terrifying.  I was reading the documentation for the stick as the profiler was installing, and funnily, I got to a line that said, "The VKB corporation was started by a group of engineers that split off from <another company I can't remember> just as I launched the profiler, and I looked at the screen and thought, "Yup.  This was most definitely designed by engineers."  :O

Yeah the VKB software is definitely over the top. The worst of it was the manual was prolly written by an engineer that didn't speak much if any English. It was translated by someone that was prolly a little better but it was hard reading. You'd have read stuff two or three times to get what they really meant! The good news there is they just released a new version a week or so ago with supposed better translation. I haven't skimmed it. It's only like 180 or so pages long! I think the plan is to go to a "next gen" version that's in beta now so that might largely go out the window anyway!

All that said it really is good software. You can map a button to do stuff I never even thought of.

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Re: USB Button box support for plug n play devices
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Plug n play is the way to go for what I use my boxes for. I build my own boxes and they vary in layout from game to game but they all are built using the same hardware. I'm a stickler for the details so they all have face plate decals and what not.

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Re: USB Button box support for plug n play devices
« Reply #17 on: March 24, 2021, 01:58:15 AM »
Can we get support for USB button boxes (generic controllers) so they can be mapped like keys(Keyboard) instead of controllers(HOTAS) ?


As long as Windows see the boxes as USB controllers through DirectX, you can use Joystick Gremlin to bind KB keys or program macros to the buttons on the USB box.
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