Author Topic: Faster Reload Time for Pzr IV KwK 7.5cm L/24 Gun  (Read 333 times)

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Faster Reload Time for Pzr IV KwK 7.5cm L/24 Gun
« on: June 11, 2021, 11:33:26 AM »
Reviewing the statistics and data as I usually do, I realized that the reload times for the KwK 7.5 cm L/24 is the same as the KwK 7.5cm L/43 and KwK 7.5cm L/48.

I'd like for HTC to review the reload time for the L/24 variant and give it a wee bit faster of a reload time. The KwK 37 7.5cm ammo is short and stubby, and nearly straight walled. It is even shorter than the US M4 Sherman's 75mm. The KwK 37 ammo is 25-30% lighter, and able to be loaded with 1 hand, while starting with the US 76mm, German KwK 7.5 KwK 40, and larger ammo the ammo needed to be handled by two hands due to weight and length.

Perhaps a .5 second faster than the the M4 Sherman's 75mm? I know I'd be more apt to take it for leveling towns if it could fire faster.

Thanks for your consideration.

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