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[Gravis] gamepad use in AH
« on: September 21, 2002, 02:43:09 AM »
I was in the TA helping a person, 2byte, and he could not increase his throttle at all.
He was using a Gravis Gamepad and I assumed it could be used as a controller in AH. Can you use a gamepad as a controller?
His elevators and ailerons did respond to it so I think yes.
However we could not get any throttle input.
I did have him check the keymapping and it was set but even the + and - had no effect on the throttle.
The only real thing I know about his system was he was running Win98se and that Gravis gamepad.
I'd like to be able to assist him if I see him again.
Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.
I'll even give you a weeks pay!!!
[ Of course I'm unemployed and good for nothing, so to speak, so I wont loose much money. ]
Thanks in advance for any help rendered,
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