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Aces High General Discussion / Re: The integrity of the game and players is lost
« Last post by Skyyr on Yesterday at 11:12:25 PM »
Youíre his bench mark.

Not even close. There are very, very few players I've ever set as a bench-mark skill-wise and he is certainly not one of them. JOACH1M is an example of someone who was a benchmark.

Players like the OP are simply fun fireworks to watch explode on the forums when their ingame performance doesn't match their mouth. Got some nice vox of him dropping F bombs on vox for 10+ minutes because he got killed.
Custom Skins / Re: P-47D11 348thFG 342ndFS "Sylvia / Racine Belle"
« Last post by Banshee7 on Yesterday at 11:03:54 PM »
Oh I like that!!
Custom Skins / Re: P-47D11 348thFG 342ndFS "Sylvia / Racine Belle"
« Last post by Vraciu on Yesterday at 10:58:25 PM »
Nice job.
Custom Skins / Re: P-47D11 348thFG 342ndFS "Sylvia / Racine Belle"
« Last post by lyric1 on Yesterday at 10:47:27 PM »
Its up to the players to make this a better game, Animl. I'm certainly not going to stand for being fallowed around the map by a player every time I play the game when he's on, and if Hitech doesn't feel he should at least respond to my emails about this, than I had no choice but to bring it to the forum and call him out for crap tactics ruining the gameplay for me and others. If I can't stand it. I can't imagine what less skilled players have to deal with.

Let me put it this way. If You let these baby seals run you out, Iíll find where you live and poop on your doorstep :) I donít tolerate weakness. You know I mean well when I say that. Over 30-35 yrs, can you imagine how many tried to push me out with 12 yr old mentality? You witnessed some of it.

You just hang tight, youíre a good quality addition to AH.

There are better more effective ways to deal with this. He would not compare himself with you guys if you were not above average. Youíre his bench mark. Figure out his weakness and dispatch your weapon, say nothing, listen to nothing.

Donít you dare allow to be chased out of anywhere, ever.

The O' Club / Re: Simulated Aerial Combat Roundtable
« Last post by Tumor on Yesterday at 10:30:53 PM »
Ohh Cod no.

The one before the WWI.

Basically BF3 with better graphics\ some maps added, some carried over and upgraded.

Skill\sim mode, I'd place it between COD and ARMA.

The last truly great BF IMHO. 

THe WWI BF1 was not bad, but not up to BF4 quite.

Nothing will ever top Battlefield 1942.   Even the music was awesome.
Aces High General Discussion / Re: I heard a rumor that I hope is untrue.
« Last post by Animl-AW on Yesterday at 09:10:16 PM »
I didn't say it's because of Skyyr. However, I do believe it could be because of that Judge character. You know he's a shady guy supposedly living in South America somewhere under the witness protection program!

I'm just repeating what I heard and asking for clarification. No reason to get all worked up Lusche. :)

I think you just have Trollitis. Why donít you just knock it off
Aces High General Discussion / Re: I heard a rumor that I hope is untrue.
« Last post by SuperDud on Yesterday at 09:09:51 PM »
This board has become 2 groups, of about 5 people each, arguing with each other. And allegedly you're all adults, most of you older adults.
This is for any newbies here. Go watch Skyyr's films on YouTube.  You will learn a lot just by watching the text buffer when to turn off auto trim. You'll hear when he uses flaps, reduces rpm, shuts off engine, when he pulls hard on the stick, when he rolls. Hell even makes comments about particular planes.  Or you can come here and listen too people take a dump on everyone because they didn't get enough teet time and attention.   I got three kills tonight in a 109 G2 using what I learned from those videos.

Oh great! Now we have Skyyer Jr?! :)
The O' Club / Re: yagi
« Last post by hazmatt on Yesterday at 08:22:57 PM »
Cool. Thanks for the info. I'll check that one out.

What do you think about something like this for HF and a coupler for 11 meter.

Maybe I'd be better off with 3 antennas?
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