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The O' Club / Re: Climate change
« Last post by TequilaChaser on Today at 11:26:24 AM »


The world "real"leaders have already screwed the whole world over, with their secret summits

You will know it is getting worse when family members starts turning against each  other for the way they believe....some will go, while some refuse and say don't go....i would advise to take heed in this and not go

Watching the current events lately here in the USA, I keep having flashbacks to those first 2 sentences of the oath of enlistment....

The "domestic" part of it is Flashing RED!
The O' Club / Re: Climate change
« Last post by turt21 on Today at 11:20:03 AM »
lets debate something less controversial like abortion
The O' Club / Re: Climate change
« Last post by Mister Fork on Today at 11:08:40 AM »

The final option made me laugh so loud my staff thought I had lost the plot... :D
Custom Skins / Re: Next skin batch?
« Last post by Greebo on Today at 10:10:34 AM »
I plan to go through the pending skins early next week. So if anyone has anything nearly ready then please try to get it finished and submitted over the weekend.
Wishlist / Re: Delay Two-Week Trial Until First Melee Login
« Last post by hitech on Today at 09:48:59 AM »

However, it is also possible that they only stayed 30 min because they jumped into the Melee too soon, because they felt they had to because they were already burning their two-week trial, they immediately feel overwhelmed, realize they'll never figure it all out before the trial expires, so fek it.  Close, uninstall.

Possible but very very doubtful. I really can't see fear of burning 2 weeks being a reason to jump instantly into the melee. There are other reasons people would instantly enter the main, mostly being wan't to see what it is about. But the goal needs to be to set the hook, this can be done by not allowing them into them main until they meet a goal. Then entering the main can be viewed as a reward, and since they worked for it, they will be more likely to want to be able to use/ try out the reward vs viewing it's value as 0.

Aces High General Discussion / Re: Operation: Vengeance - Allied CO needed
« Last post by LNG15 on Today at 09:35:57 AM »
Nefari I would consider but my boss Dantoo is on Axis. I am not sure atm.
Wishlist / Re: AH Film
« Last post by hitech on Today at 09:28:54 AM »
Can we have an AHFilm that records the readings of an adversaries

What instruments are you interested in?

Technical Support / Sign in advertisement
« Last post by Puma44 on Today at 09:14:44 AM »
When I select an arena, the clip board appears, the screen immediately goes white, and a side advertisement for an event pops out the left side of the clip board.  I then have to close the advertisement and proceed with my clip board selection.  Is there a way to turn off clip board advertisement from popping out every time?  Thanks!   :salute
The O' Club / Re: Climate change
« Last post by Puma44 on Today at 09:01:27 AM »
The O' Club / Re: Climate change
« Last post by OldNitro on Today at 08:55:56 AM »
When your "Church Leaders" tell you, "Do as we say, or the world will end"..  :rofl
That's not a Church, it's a Cult!

Correction on a previous post, the vid is "No Pressure" by the 10:10 campaign..
It's still on Goolagtube.. That is their own messaging, their own production..
Not a Meme, Troll, or a Gag..

It's a look at their mindset..
Great stuff!
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